Wheres the party at?
Posted by milky216

If you are having a party, going to a party, or know if any great parties going on during GenCon please post it here.  
Let us know if its a Meet & Greet, Private, AO = Adults Only, BYOB = Bring Your Own Bottle, or off site...

ETC. (Example: Geeks N Freaks 
Free meet N greet 
Friday Aug 19th 7pm 
at Bar XYZ Indy IN (5 min SW walk from Convention center) 
AO, meet Artist So&So, Author WhazHis Name 


Hotel party for NightTimeNerds 
Hotel XYZ Thursday 10pm Room XXX 
AO, BYOB,  donations for drinks and mayhem 

4 great days to have fun so game, party, roll dice, and most importantly be safe and have great stories to tell!  

Posted by rhone1

We should just start or own.  Let's decide on a local place to meet up and a general time/date.  

Posted by milky216

Sounds like a good ideal to me... 
let me check with a couple friends and see what bars are in the area... 

Posted by nascragman

Nascrag always throws a party for their award ceremony.  This year Tom Lommel (AKA The Dungeon Bastard) will be hosting, and we'll have musical guest Captain Ambivalent and the Accordion of Gold.   It will be in the Crowne Plaza at 11 pm Saturday.

Of course a lot of the fun is for the players in the tournament getting their cut of the giant pile of prizes.

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