What time does Gencon and Exhibitors hall shut down for good on Sunday?
Posted by asgelb

I'm trying to plan my flight home...should I be flying out at 6pm, or is a 2pm flight sufficient?

Is Sunday a decent day to hang out, or is it pretty dead/shutting down?

Posted by trace_sl

The Dealer Hall shuts down at 4PM on Sunday.  Sunday still has a lot going on and sometimes you can find good deals in the Dealer Hall (not as good as in the past) because dealers do not want to ship stuff home.

Note: Sunday is Family Fun Day, has 1000s of events still going on.   

Posted by andrewj.rager

Yeah we got some pretty good deals on Sunday last year on Mayfair games, Dominion expansions, & some other things here & there.

Also if you do the Mayfair event with the badge ribbons the big payoff is at 3:30Pm or something. So that's when they give away a bunch of games & swag.


Posted by werebat

Does the dealer hall shut down at 4 on the other days as well, or later than that?

Posted by nialith

It closes at 6pm the other evenings. 

Posted by werebat

Thanks so much!

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