arcade area this year??
Posted by garhkal

IIRC last year we had that corridor of arcade games.. 
Is that returning for this year?  If so where?

Posted by roanders

I remember it being a little underwhelming last year.  I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't return.  Especially with the increased foot traffic that hallway will have this year.

Posted by helenbb

It was underwhelming last year because it was sparse. It would be great if they had 3-5 times as many machines... enough to actually LINE the halls!

Posted by bigfathairyguy

I agree it was a huge disappointment as it was kind of hyped up but barely had any machines. It would have been really cool if it actually lined the halls. Looked so much like an after thought last year.

Posted by bith

My assumption, based on the announcement and details from last year was that it was basically an arcade machine rental place and "we'd like to rent all that you have available".  Which did not turn out to be all that much. 


Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi all,

Yes the corridor is returning, with, hopefully, more games.  In addition, the arcade room, in 140, with mahcines set to free play, is also returning.  Hourly events for that room should be active shortly.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by armadilloal


Any word on whether the Killer Queen machine will be returning?  That was the highlight of the Con for me last year, because it was rare to not see a crowd whooping and hollering it up.

Posted by garhkal

Rats/  I'm already booked solid.  Should have left one (maybe) to slots open so i can have time to check it out..
Do you have time(s) for when those areas will be open?

Posted by gerrygren

In the event description  for the 1,2, and 3 day passes for the Video Game Palooza retro arcade it lists the times as only being for Friday 9:00 am-10:00 am can I assume that is not the correct time? Also could the 1 or 2 day passes be used for any day ? like a 1 day used either Friday or Saturday or Sunday? And a 2 day used Friday and Saturday or  used Saturday and Sunday instead?  

Posted by garhkal

Do they actually put out a list of what arcade consoles they will have in that area?

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