The Anime Artist Alley
Posted by jarred_95

It's been awhile since I was last at GenCon, and for many years they had an Anime Artist Alley at the Westin. Last time I was there they had renamed it to something else (apparently) and it was on the second floor at the Westin.  I was curious to see if they had it still, but I haven't found any mention of it yet in the various published materials here or on the facebook page. 

Was it closed down, renamed, merged with the Art Show? 

Posted by sakurawinters

When the anime track moved to stadium last con, the artist alley moved with it.  If they have it again, where it's located will probably depend on where the anime track is this year.

Posted by jlawry86

I noticed a lot of anime events are at Lucas Oil this year too, so that would probably be my guess. :)

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