Question about switching shipping options
Posted by sirrogue

I selected Will Call when I bought my badge, since I usually don't like to pay for shipping, but my plans have changed and I'm looking at starting very early on Thursday. Is it possible to change my option from Will Call to being shipped to me, so I don't have to stress about waiting in line? I can't seem to find any way to do that in the cart or check out area. It just says "you have selected will call for your badge; this will now apply to all your ticket purchases." 

Any help would be hot, thanks!

Posted by quintangible

Hover over your name at the top, click "My Packets".  Above your list of items is "Your Default Shipping Method" followed by a link to "Change".  I changed my mind a time or two as well..  :/

Posted by trace_sl

Just remember you have to sign for your badge if you have it shipped to you!  So, be at home. 

Also, Will Call is 24 hours after 12 noon on Wednesday, so you can pick up your stuff in the middle of the night. 

Posted by helenbb

Sign for you badge? I've never had to do that... They just send it Priority Mail and it gets left in our mailbox (a few houses down the street). 

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