Magic the Gathering Artists
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I was wondering if there was a list of artists who have done MTG art. Trying to figure out which cards I should bring and see which ones I could get signed and what not.


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There is a list of artists, but I couldn't tell you which have done MTG art.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

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Cross-referencing Alec's list with the in-no-way-guaranteed-to-be-comprehensive Wiki page at, these are the artists I see on both pages:

"Angelarium" is Pete Morbacher.
Tom Babbey (did one card in Kaladesh - Thriving Rats)
Noah Bardley
Chris Burdett
Thomas Denmark 
Eric Deschamps
Steve Ellis
Tom Fleming (a few pieces in Urza block, including Dark Ritual)
Donato Giancola
Ralph Horsley
Jeff Menges
Aaron Miller
Scott Murphy
William O'Connor
Mark Poole
Steve Prescott
Omar Rayyan
Mike Sass
Dan Scott

No guarantees that I didn't miss anyone.

Posted by niabock

A few others who have booths outside the artist area:
Steve Argyle (467)
Larry Elmore (1134)
Monte M. Moore (108)

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Wayne Reynolds in separate booths.

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Jason Engle I believe has a booth as well. He's done a handful of cards, but is a really cool dude and makes amazing sketches.

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Still a few others that will be there but have been missed--Charles Urbach comes to mind. He's done art for MtG and Legend of the Five Rings, and given they hype around L5R, he might be of interest if you are looking to meet artists.

A lot of artists have their own booths or team up with a company they've recently done work for, so there's no easy way to find out if they will have a presence unless they announce it themselves or they are on the Gen Con list (which I think only includes the artists in Artist Alley?).

I usually search the artist's name on either Gatherer (for MtG) or Google if the SO doesn't immediately recognize it (he's been playing MtG for a damn long time and knows his stuff) and go from there. A long task but something he enjoys. Then we search our collection/chaos for a card to take with us to get signed. :)

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Here's my list of artists that have done magic work, if no one new has popped up this should be all of them that have been listed.
Tom babbey
Mark behm
Noah bradley
Christopher burdett
Thomas denmark
Eric dechamps
Steve ellis
Tom fleming
Donato giancola
Micheal c hayes
Ralph horsley
Jeff menges
Aaron miller
Scott murphy
William o'connor
Mark poole
Steve prescott
Omar rayyan
Mike sass
Dan scott
Charles urbach
Wayne reynolds
Steve argyle
Monte moore
Jason engle
Larry Elmore

Posted by swords13

Ruth Thompson is also an artist from the older sets

Posted by armadilloal

Peter Mohrbacher (listed as "Angelarium") is missing from your list.

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