LOS Bag Policy
Posted by stahlnee

Will LOS be using the NFL bag policy during GenCon? If not, what will be the policy during GenCon?

Posted by maijstral2

I would tend to doubt it since the bag policy is probably so you won't sneak food and drink and/or video cameras into the stadium during games. Gencon isn't making money off food and drink nor, I think, will the stadium be selling such things during Gencon. And you don't need the express written consent of the NFL to film board games at Gencon :).

Posted by stahlnee

Will roller bags and backpacks be allowed?

Posted by austicke stahlnee

stahlnee wrote:Will roller bags and backpacks be allowed?

Yes. It's crowded though, so please be careful and polite.

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Posted by stahlnee

Will do. Thank you. Just thinking ahead for Sunday since I am staying in a hotel out east and will heading from the LOS to the airport that afternoon.

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