Lanyards for badges
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abartholow wrote:
It's nice to see some got lanyards, neither my husband or I got lanyards. Oh well, I don't care much for Buffy but it would have been nice to not have to go out an buy one.
They will be at Will Call, Customer Service, Coupon Booth, and most hall captains will have them. 

Posted by thejoltess

Last year, they had so many of the Upper Deck Little Trouble in China lanyards that at the end of the day on Sunday, they were giving away unopened packages of 10 to people walking through by Will Call. We grabbed a few to give to people back at home. I am sure they will be prepared this year.

Posted by jimtullis

As far as I can tell, the Clear Plastic Pocket Protector and cheap elastic string are available every year.

Lanyards are often available, but last year they weren't at the booth where I bought my badge. Big Huh?
I had to track some down.

This year's Lanyard is Buffy Legendary, last years was Big Trouble  Legendary, and I think year before was Alien  Legendary.

I had an MTG one from some point in the past.

I usually keep my badge in my Schlock Mercenary badge holder. It also has room for Tickets and such.
Lanyards are great for keeping a single car key on if you're parked nearby. Tuck it away in your shirt and it's easily available.

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When I first heard about the Buffy game being announced, my literal first thought was, "yay Buffy lanyards at Gen Con!"

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Got my envelope with tickets and badge and.... no lanyard.  Think this is just an oversight?

Posted by roderick

Oversight, not deliberate. You can pick up lanyards at any of the kiosks, or some HQs (I always take some over to Union Station, just 'cause).  

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choirmaster2000 wrote:Got my envelope with tickets and badge and.... no lanyard.  Think this is just an oversight?

There were a bunch of people on FB reporting they did not get lanyards.  Seems like they had some people packing things up too quickly ;-)

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