More precise countdown.
Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

The official countdown can be a little confusing.  It also only counts whole days.

I made a more granular countdown which counts by the second.  I waffled a little on when the clock hit zero, and decided that noon on July 31st -- the time when Will Call badge pickup opens -- is a good time.

Countdown is here

Posted by geezer

Thank you.  This is really cool.

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent geezer

geezer wrote:
Thank you.  This is really cool.
Glad to help.  It was actually pretty easy.  That website,, has an app where you just enter a few parameters and it spins a countdown for you.

The countdown is not factoring for the daylight saving time switch in March.  So until then you get this quirky behavior where it would say exactly (some number) days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds at 11 AM Eastern every day even though the countdown ends at noon on July 31st.  Just mentally add in one hour if you look at the clock before the time switch.

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