Credit card question
Posted by jason944

My wife and I will be purchasing badges Jan 13 and we are hoping to get a hotel room through the lotto system.  I have been reading that the best option is to buy individual badges so that we 2 chances for an early pick. 

Does it matter if I use the same credit card for both badge purchases? 

I dont know if the system will recognize the same CC info and only give us 1 chance in the lotto.

Also, if we are lucky enough to get an early slot in the lotto, is the card billed that day or when is it billed?  Not a huge deal but just curious.


Posted by buffythecatslayer

Create two separate accounts, and have each one buy one badge.  That will get you two chances to get a room.  CC numbers should not matter.

You will be charged a one-night deposit in July (or the cancellation fee if you've cancelled), and the balance after the stay ends.

Posted by jason944

Perfect.  That is what I assumed but didnt want to run into weird issues.  Thanks!

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