Indy Recycling (or lack thereof)
Posted by geezer

There was a story in the Louisville Courier Journal last Sunday that said Indianapolis is the largest U.S. city without a curbside recycling program.  Some 30,000 people are employed in Indiana in industries that use recycled materials.  One, for example uses plastic bottles to make insulation.  At significant cost, they have to import all of their plastic from other states.  Apparently, there is some danger that some of the industries may move to other states with more robust recycling programs.  Which brings up my question.  When we carefully place our plastic in recycling bins at the ICC, are they recycled or do they end up in a landfill somewhere?

Posted by jimmythesaint

Related follow-up question: wasn't there talk about Gen Con having recycling bins specifically for punchboard from board games? I can't recall seeing them last year.

Posted by kellishaver

They probably still get recycled. No curbside recycling pickup doesn't mean no recycling, it just means that it's up to the person who wants to do the recycling to drop it off at a recycling center. They won't come pick it up for you. Our local community is the same way. Very few people recycle as a result, but a lot of local businesses still do. 

Posted by hahnarama

Hi there....Indy local here I can tell you that Indy DOES have curb side. I set out my big ol Blue n Yellow can every other week. The problem is the cost has gone form $43 a year to $142 a year. It's expected to go up another $99 next year. That's the max the city can raise it each year. 

Indy is facing the same challenges as every other city since China stopped accepting most of our recyclables, the cost. 

Posted by rayken

I remember reading something about recycling of plastic and paper taking more resources than producing new plastic or paper. Essentially causing more waste in the process.

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