Cosplay Question
Posted by molonlabe

My friend and I are planning on cosplaying from Fallout New Vegas and were wondering if it were okay to bring a nerf gun. Of course with nothing inside it.

We also have another option in which we are looking into more: prop guns. Are they allowed? We read the rules on props and were confused by what they meant by realistic.

For more information on the guns we are looking at: we're planning to be part of the NCR with a sniper rifle and a submachine gun.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Posted by mikeboozer

Please email [email protected] with these questions.

Nerf guns are not allowed. 

Prop guns that appear to be real at a glance are also not allowed. For the most part futuristic or over the top steam punk type guns that are obviously not real are allowed.

If you have questions for us about what is allowed, it is best to send an image. That way we can make a determination.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC


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