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Posted by ascantla

Is there a way to find what tickets you bought last year? There was a game we played that was a lot of fun, but was still in beta. Now we can't remember what it was and were hoping to find out.

Posted by del_grande

Do you remember anything about it - for example, what kind of game it was, or the date/time that it started?

I still have last year's events list spreadsheet; maybe we can find it that way.

OOPS - never mind; it turns out that was an Origins event list that I have, not a GenCon one.
Compete and utter glaring at to me for that one...

Posted by buffythecatslayer

You can find the full list of last year’s events here.  It may not be available much longer, unless he archives it, since the 2019 events will be out soon.

Posted by selene314

This site has already cleared last year's data, so I don't think you can get your tickets history from Gen Con. As noted, there are other sites that store the full catalog, which you could skim through to see if you recognize the event.

Do you delete emailed receipts? You should have gotten one with subject "Your Gen Con Purchase", as well as a paper list with the tickets that were mailed or at Will Call. Or did you write out your schedule anywhere? Maybe you posted about the game on Facebook?

Posted by trace_sl

Do you have email archive?  Check there or your mail trash folder.  Also, if you have an on-line version, may want to look there.  

This is one of the reasons I use Google and Google calendar when planning my events.  :) 

Posted by ascantla

I've been scouring my e-mails, but I'm usually pretty good (bad) about deleting everything once the year is done. It may have been the year before last.
Worker placement game, where you are dwarves mining for gems, i believe you received plastic gems as points and had tiles with cavern paths on them. But it wasn't the finished game. sound familiar to anyone? and i really appreciate everyone's help. 

Posted by gamerlaura

Posted by gamerlaura

Sounds like Caverna.

Posted by selene314

Past catalogs include a few different Caverna and Dwar7 games.

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