Can you add Multiple Events Scheduled at the same time to Wishlist?
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Hello all,

Just starting wishlist preparation and there is a longer game (8 hours) that we would like to get into. The challenge is that if we are not able to get into that game, are we then able to have "back up plans" for that same time slot or will any event on our wishlist scheduled at the same time be dropped from our wishlist at the time of processing? thanks.

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Yes. If your longer game (8 hours) is your top priority, rank it number one. You can then rank one (or more) events in the same time slot after it. If you get your first choice, the system will block out that time period for you and will skip lower ranked events that are a time conflict. If you don't get your first choice, it will then try to fill it with your second choice, third, etc.

Be mindful that the system does NOT take into account travel time between events. So say you have an event at the ICC from 1-3. The system won't let you schedule anything taking place from 1-3, but it will schedule another event, for example, from 3-5. If that other event is in, for example, Lucas Oil, you won't make it in time (and that may be true even if both events are in the same place if they are far enough apart). So make sure to leave at least a little time between events.

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​​​​​​Yes you can.

When the list is processed, it starts at priority 1, works down the list,  and tries to assign as many tickets as it can without assigning overlapping events.

If you set the priority for the 'backup' event so that it appears lower down on the wish list ( 1 is highest priority, 50 is lowest ), if you get the high priority event the system won't assign tickets which clash with that high priority event. If you don't, then there's nothing for the lower priority backup events to clash with, so the tickets can be assigned.

Posted by dmarco

Thanks for the clear answers.  Very helpful! What a great system!

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