Double purchases?
Posted by terminalvector

Has anyone else seen multiple people in their group end up purchasing the same tickets?

Two people in my group checked out with tickets for all 5 of us for the same TD event. Credit cards were charged and they all show up in the transactions page, but none of us see them in the My Packets page. By all indications we got charged twice for the same people attending the same events. Does that mean we got the tickets or not?

Sweating a bit. Either we got very lucky or got completely hosed. 

Posted by colin1012

Doesn't TD use the E-tickets? If that is the case there would be nothing to mail and so no packet right?

Posted by terminalvector

Oooh that'd explain it. We missed last year so the last time we attended it was paper tickets. Still it seems we got charged twice for the same tickets.

Posted by juliegregg

With TD I'm pretty sure they scan the badge of the person who bought the tickets. Sounds like you got them and may just need to get a refund on the duplicates.

Posted by colin1012

That would be an issue! I would contact customer service first before dropping anything and see what they say.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yes,  please email [email protected]

Posted by terminalvector

Cool, thanks all. I am in Japan RN and its 3am so I am going to compile the info and send the email in the AM. 

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