Massage services 2019?
Posted by susan1906

Hey in the past I saw there was a station where you can get a massage at the con.  Are they being offered again, and if they are, how do you get a reservation or sign up for it?

Posted by maijstral2

Probably I've seen them at the Junction of the major halls outside the Vendor hall for years. As far as I know you don't get a reservation you just show up and wait your turn but really I've almost always seen an empty chair or two when I pass by so any wait shouldn't be too long. Now they might have a reservation system set up I don't know for sure but I would tend to doubt it.

Posted by thag13

Saturday can have up to a 45 min wait.  Usually its about 15 mins or so the rest of the time.

I hav used the services three times and have always got my monies worth.

If you need deep tissue massage, be sure to let them know.


Posted by hahnarama

My buddy Bobby Kraft says there are places downtown where you full service for $40

Posted by dranthor

would love to know where those are and how far away from the convention

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