Car games for road trip
Posted by pahowell0520

Any suggestions for games that can be played in the car.  We have 3 in our vehicle and about a 9 hour drive.  Something that would allow driver participation (in a safe way).

Posted by traveller

Take road rage to the next level  :P

Posted by aaronmlopez

You can use something like "Story Dice" where you each come up with a story based on a die roll, or since you are driving, a picture or word on a road sign or something. Make it an adventure where someone makes up a quest (i.e. "Aye! Dark Overlord) and everyone builds the story as you go along. You can even add combat to it where numbers on a license plate/mile marker/etc make up attack and defense rolls. 

Posted by ar6474

Check and see if you have a WIFI hotspot with any of your carriers for cell phones. Luckily the person we are going with has WIFI in their vehicle.

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