Ham Radio at Gen Con
Posted by w0rd

One of the great aspects of Ham Radio is that you do not need a license to listen (only to transmit).  Bring a hand held and tune in Wednesday night.  We'll be discussing our location so stop by and say hello and maybe "tell us about your character"  :-)

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I think this thread is the "most nerdly" thing I've seen here in a long time...and it fraking rocks. 

I know nothing about HAM but I hope you guys have a rocking good time

Posted by klaron

Holy crap this is cool.  We'll be packing our radios and hopefully you'll hear from K0DND (yep, that is my callsign) and from K3QLT!  Our only problem is a Wednesday night net might be difficult as we have our annual "get-together with friends we don't see all year" dinner, but we'll try to check in.  We've never participated in a fox hunt, perhaps this could be our first.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in getting their HAM license, it is easier than ever.  As mentioned previously, you don't need to learn Morse code (CW in ham parlance) although it still is a very active form of communication.  Do a search on bing or the other search engines for local amateur radio clubs near you.  They very likely have classes for the public along with licensing dates.  You don't need to take the classes, you can just buy the books and self-study , but we found classes make it easier to digest the information plus you get to meet other future hams.  Also previously mentioned, you can get into the hobby very inexpensively, purchasing radios for <$50.  While there certainly are more expensive radios, you don't need the massive boxes with a myriad of knobs and switches from days of yore.  When you get your license you can apply for a vanity callsign, similar to mine.  I do know K0NPC was still available not so long ago.



Posted by kc9thf

Glad to have you and your radios.  That's a fun call sign you've got there.

Posted by baelzubaboon

Fantastic idea, I'm flying in Wednesday afternoon, like many folk I'll probably be catching up with my non-Ham crew but I'll do my best to check in to the net.

Also, anyone else planning on running APRS while at the con?

73 from k4one

Posted by kc9thf

APRS, what a great idea.  No one in my group is doing that.  I'd love to hear more about your experience with that at Gen Con.

Posted by baelzubaboon

I was beaconing last year but since the US APRS frequency is VHF I don't think my signal made it out of the ICC much. Also, since my HT only has so much batter power I wasn't running it for extended periods. I have an external battery this year, though so I'll probably keep my beacon on more often.

Posted by kc9thf

I run a Yaesu FT-60.  I carry an extra battery tray with me during the day and charge them both up at night.

Posted by klaron

I know we are at the very end of time, but I was wondering if a fox hunt was still in the works?  If so, what frequency?  I am programming our radios before we leave tomorrow.

Posted by cubiclegnome

Ham radio, for when tabletop games aren't nerdy enough.  :)  Looking forward to this.  I would also be interested in a fox hunt if it's still planned.   

73 de K9BFG

Posted by icespark

Wooooow.  Wish I had a clue where my handheld is.  Moved and it's still in a box somewhere.

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At 7:00 PM Dragon Net will be on the air With Zero Red Dragons and friends.  Tune in to Simplex 444.500 Mhz and join the team as we roll dice, talk gaming and ask random convention attendees to describe their characters.  The discussion will include details of a possible dragon hunt for later in the week.

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