Let us return event tickets at locations other than CS
Posted by buffythecatslayer

Another probably too late to implement this year suggestion:

Gen Con should let us return event (and generic) tickets for system credit only at Event Registration and at the Event HQs around the Con.  Last year at times the Customer Service line extended down past rooms 103 & 102, and into the Serpentine Lobby, with a wait time of >30 minutes.  People won't wait that long to get back a few dollars, especially when they can use that ticket as a generic for something else.  The only time they might is if they're desperate to schedule another event at the same time, or the ticket is worth a significant amount.  Note that with this proposal, if someone wanted a refund to a credit card or other method, then they'd have to go to CS.

Last year, I didn't even bother to return tickets.  I'm sure I'm not the only person who didn't, and I wonder for how many of them the wait was a factor.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get into the other overlapping events using generics (or the original tickets).  However, the original EO gets shafted to some degree when we do this, even though I did email the one that had contact info.

Some people have complicated issues to solve at CS, and they can occupy an employee for several minutes, and they need someone with expertise to handle whatever problem they have.  Returning tickets for system credit should be a 60 second transaction, max.  Scan badge, scan a few slips, done, and pretty much anyone can do it.  Allowing it to happen at the HQs or at Event Reg will take some of the load off CS, and spread it out around several locations.  It will also encourage people to return more tickets, which is good for the Event Organizers.  Returning them at Event Registration is even nicer if you need to immediately turn around & buy another ticket in the same time slot.

I don't know if there are scanners at the HQs that can handle the refunds, and if not, it's probably too late for them to implement this year.  If they can't, it should be considered for next year, as I'm sure paper ticketing will still be with us for a few more years.  Now, if they go to full e-ticketing for 2020 (hey, I can dream, right?) then we have nothing to worry about.

Posted by qwaserity

Seconded and here's why: There is an economic principle known at "Opportunity cost". Every minute you are at work is a minute you are not dating a billionaire super model nuclear physicist. Also, every minute you are standing in line at GenCon is a minute you are not playing games or shopping at GenCon.

In the long run, it would behoove GenCon to have a station or two just for returning tickets. The money that attendees get back from returned tickets is "found money" or money which they didn't previously have. That money is most likely going to be spend before the attendees leaves the building.

Short answer: More time, more money.

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