Iello VIP Night at Family Time Games
Posted by llenlleawg

I just saw a notice that Family Time Games, a gaming store which is just under 12 miles north of the ICC, just south of I-465, is hosting a pre-Gen Con "Iello VIP Night" on Wednesday, July 31, 7 pm-12 am. Here's the link, and here's their blurb:

Family Time Games is proud to host Iello VIP Night, a mini GenCon prerelease/Demo night in the store.
Come play the New Ishtar and many other Iello games taught by their Demo team. Get a swag bag full of Iello games and enjoy a nice mediterranean bite to eat and drinks! The Swag bag comes with each full ticket purchase and you may add extra people for a lesser cost. Don't miss this deal and tickets are limited.

Last year they also had a shuttle which went from the store to the ICC throughout the con, although I don't see any notices about that.

Posted by malfakter

I got my ticket for this.  $70 ticket that gets you 3 games ($90 value), Mediterranean food and drinks and hours of time to demo Iello games is just too good of a deal to pass up.  Not to mention, Family Time Games is an awesome FLGS with great staff, tons of space and a HUGE selection of games.  This is a no-brainer if you are coming in on Wednesday and looking for something to do.

Posted by bandersnatch1110

Second everything Mal says - best gaming store in Indy.  Tons of room to play and a great selection of games!  This deal is fantastic and if I didn't have stuff to do Wednesday I'd be there in a heartbeat.

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