Trying to remember bin miniatures vendor
Posted by beholder

Looking for a vendor of miniatures in vendor hall.
I usually visit "the one with drawers" (I believe called Magic Minis and More),
The other one has bins to dig through for plastic D&D minis.  They also have display cabinets for those not wanting the thrill of mining for minis.  I believe they also sell true dungeon tokens on one end.

Anyone have the name and booth # of such a vendor.


Posted by hahnarama

If it helps they were at Origins but I cant remember their name :( 

Posted by sgibson260

I bought a bunch of stuff from them at Origins this year, but I can't remember the name either.

For GW minis, there's the Bitz Guy, who runs the Toledo Game Room game shop in Toledo Ohio.

Posted by qwaserity

By the way, there is a miniature exchange event that you may be interested in as well:

Posted by aegoce

Gaming Etc. I think

Posted by beholder

Gaming etc looks to be in the right area of the hall, looking back at last year's map.

Posted by motownchic82

Wait? there is a bin to search for mini's? This will be my second year going. I love to paint minis. not that great at it but always looking for new and different minis. I will have to check them out. Thanks

Posted by aegoce

I think usually the mini bins have been of the pre-painted variety.  Basically resellers open cases of random minis, pull the rarer stuff out to sell in the cases and leave the common/uncommon stuff in bins for people to dig through.  I think generally both fantasy (DnD/Pathfinder) and SciFi (Star Wars?) bins.

I don't remember if it was there last year, but there has been a vendor that has bins of unpainted pewter minis to dig through.  They sell by the ounce I think.

Posted by roderick

The Iron Wind/Ral Partha booth (#2543 this year) usually has bins of unpainted miniatures that are much cheaper than those in blister packs. You may have to really dig to find all the parts of a multi-part figure, though.  

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