Beer Garden
Posted by kosmosis

How much we talking? Bank buster?

Posted by cman811

Do you mean per beer? If so it's between $4-$7 depending what you get. 

Posted by kosmosis

Yep. Per beer.  That’s actually not too bad.  I was just hoping it wasn’t like some of the sporting events out here, which can cost you $10-$12.  Thanks.

Posted by buttcabbge

I recall 5 or 6 bucks, and that's for 16 oz of craft beer. Given that it's surrounded by hotel bars and chain restaurants , it's one of the better alcohol deals in the immediate surroundings. I just hope the Gencon special beer is more to my liking this time (I really dug 20-sided rye a few years back, but the last couple years I had the special, didn't like it, and switched over to the regular Sun King stuff for whenever else I visited the tent).

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