Volunteer advice newbie here
Posted by lwunder

I am new as a volunteer for my first time this year. I have about four games to demo I only know one really good. My question is they have you fill out a 1090 form. Is that for getting paid besides getting a badge and hotel? Or do they take out taxes by giving you free (badge/hotel) ?
not sure how this works if anybody has ever done this before please help. 

Posted by traveller

I would just guess, but I imagine that volunteers will get a 1099 detailing the amount of compensation you earned as a part of the event.  The taxes will be your responsibility at tax time.  This would be similar to wining a radio (i know old school) contest where they paid for you to go to a concert.  You would get a 1099 listing the hotel, airfaire, event ticket price as earnings.

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