Source for Playing Cards
Posted by maniac630

Hey all.  I like to collect playing card decks.  Does anyone know of any vendors thins year that sell them?  Thanks!

Posted by dbs

I noticed in the program book (page 39) that Albino Dragon (Booth #158) is selling Gen Con playing cards.  I have no idea if this vendor sells other kinds of playing cards.

Posted by francotheiii

definitely second albino dragon, they seem to sell a lot of specialty decks, I think I've seen a goonies themed deck there in years past.

Posted by hahnarama

At Origins Kolossal Games were selling a Western Legends themed deck 

Posted by holisticdeveloper

Gamelyn Games produced a deck based on their game Tiny Epic Western. I have no idea whether or not they still have any or if they would have any at the con.

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