Locals - Any Sign of Gen Con Banners Yet?
Posted by mvotruba

Hello everyone,

I enjoy seeing the pictures of the Gen Con banners posted here just about every year.

Assuming they're up, if anyone local would be willing to snap a picture or two and post them here, I'd be grateful.

For those coming in from out-of-town, I wish you all safe travels.  (I guess it's about time I started packing myself...)

Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

Also interested in the signs at the airport!

Posted by keithbradburn

Yes.  Just this morning.


Posted by brooks keithbradburn

That's awesome!

Posted by mvotruba

Oh, blocked from work...I'll have to check it out later.

Still, thank you for sharing!

Posted by quarex

What does the city even do with the banners?  I do not think they are the same every year, so surely they must be going somewhere?  And clearly not to the secondary market?

Posted by hahnarama

https://peopleup.org/   get them. They turn them into purses, wallets etc. 


Posted by quarex

Oh I remember hearing about that.  And seeing the prices, and forgetting about it.  Might be worth re-investigating though!  Thanks.

Posted by hahnarama

Ya their stuff is pricey but they donate all of the sales to help groups  here in Central Indiana. 

The stuff they made from Gen Con 50 banners was gorgeous but way out of my price range 

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