Question about will call
Posted by tbrounst


I'm excited to be attending my second GenCon, and the first one with my friends. I had a question about will call though. Is there a different (and faster) line for those just picking up event tickets, or is it the same line for grabbing your badge? I remember waiting in line last year since I didn't have my badge and wanted to avoid it this year, but some last minute events popped up I'm interested in (Magic...). And for some reason, I feel like there was a different line to just get event tickets, but that seems crazy.


Posted by buffythecatslayer

Same line for everything.  Tickets and badges are all prepacked in envelopes so it’s not any faster picking up one or the other.

If you buy tickets at the Con, don’t buy them online and pick them up at will-call.  You can buy event tickets at Event Registration.

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