What Are You Most Looking Forward TOO?
Posted by mvotruba

Well, Gen Con 2019 is here.  While I'm sure most/all of us are looking forward to spending time with family, friends, and fellow gamers, but besides that, what are you most looking forward to?

Is there an event, game, or other activity/item that you'll excited about?  I'd love to hear.

I'm not running any events this year, but I'm looking forward to trying a new board game or two (I have about 6-12 that caught my eye).  I'm looking forward to trying the new Shadowrun RPG.  I'm looking forward to meeting the folks at Laboratory H (I like their new Dark Domains board game).  If the Paizo booth dies down, I'd like to check out the new Pathfinder RPG.

So, what about you?

Posted by braewe

Running into YOU!!!!

Meeting folks, geeking out, reading tshirts, fondling dice. The usual.

Posted by qwaserity

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is one of the things that I can never do outside of GenCon. We're funny and politically incorrect (if it's funny to be non-PC). I can't find ten other guys outside of GenCon to reproduce the show that way we will this week.

Do what you can at the con that you can't do at home.

Posted by reeddotto

I am most looking forward to my Garden of Butterflies LARP.  I was lucky though and ended up being one of the first in the queue, so I have a lot of amazing events to look forward to.

Posted by rutherfordr

The BYOV LARPs are always excellent -- I'm looking forward to them!

Posted by mvotruba

Thanks for the replies everyone, keep them coming!  Couple things:

1) Sorry for the type-o in the title...I posted from work and was distracted.

2) @ Braewe: Oh my, YES!  Meeting up with our gaming group is one of my top two things*, and we're looking forward to our gathering.  I can't believe it's been over a decade!  I'm very much looking forward to seeing how everyone's doing.

3) @ Qwaserity:  I completely agree with you on BOTH counts.  NOT being PC is a welcome relief in a time where there seems to be so much of it.  But I don't want to derail the thread.  You guys have a blast! HA!  Also, I agree with your sentiment of doing stuff you can't do at home.  I assumed that most replies would be about meeting with friends or spending time with family, which is why I asked for besides that.  In part, I wanted to hear about people's highlights and maybe it would give me ideas of what to look into that I may be missing out on.

@ Reeddotto & Rutherfordr:  I've never tried a LARP.  I'm a bit shy when it comes to acting.  Perhaps I should make an effort to learn more about these events and maybe observe one to see if it's something for me.  I wish you both an amazing time at your LARP's!

* The other being getting to geek out with my daughter.  We enjoy getting immersed in Gen Con, and for me, it will be 3 quality days with her. (We leave very early Sunday).  Again, why I mentioned in the OP besides friends/family.

Anyway, time's getting close.  Better start packing, ha!  If any others have a moment to share, I'd love to read the replies. 

Posted by jpederso

Looking forward to the Goodman Games appendix N seminar on R.E. Howard, the Sandy Petersen Cthulhu seminar, the Orc Stomp, Toon RPG, Tower of Gaxx, charity auction with my son, and chatting with people while drinking coffee early in the morning on Georgia street. 

Posted by helenbb

NASCRAG and Gamers: Live!

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