Thank you to all!!!
Posted by whisper721

I must say.... if you never go to GC.  But just read the forums... you would thnk that everyone there are jerks that argue about to take a pic or not ..  to be gay or not.... offended or not.... it just is not so.  We may all argue on the threads... but once there ...well ots fun ti.e...   There were NO mad photo takers.... didn't see one person be offended by homosexuality......  everyone there was just there to have a blast and nerd out... SO A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE ATTENDEES FOR MAKING EACH OTHERS CON GREAT (SANS STINKY B.O.  AND CON CRUD LOL)

Posted by brotherbock

There are moments between individuals, but the vast majority get along, agreed.

Personally, I loved seeing Gaymer and Ally badge ribbons absolutely everywhere the last couple of years, more every year.

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