5E Adventurer's League
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This will be my first GenCon in a while. I have been playing Adventurer's league for the past couple years at GaryCon and the D8 Summit. I'm going to GaryCon and the D8 Summit in the coming weeks. They are running the DDAL08 series (Waterdeep). I'm afraid I'm going to play too many. I'm thinking of reserving all tier 2 waterdeep modules for GenCon. So will GenCon 2019 be running a heavy load of DDAL08? Or is there a 'more funner' way to play Adventurer's League at GenCon?

Also do they run epics at GenCon?

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2018 RPG Events

This is the list of RPG events from last year.  No guarantee that this year will be the same, but at least it will give you an idea of the type of events that might run.

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I did see those 3rd party databases, I just hoped someone had some inside info on this year's itinerary. I'll take a chance and do some tier 2 stuff at the D8

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BMG runs AL games.  The run T1 and T2.  They do not run the DDAL 08-x modules.  They produce their own AL modules for the con season.  Their modules are available on DMSGUILD.com.

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traveller wrote:
BMG runs AL games.  The run T1 and T2.  They do not run the DDAL 08-x modules.  They produce their own AL modules for the con season.  Their modules are available on DMSGUILD.com.

Thanks I will plan on hitting up their events!

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BMG write their modules in the Moonshae Region.

Last year was the big launch in the new region, so they focused on that and did not run any of the seasonal modules or an Epic.

Prior years they had run seasonal modules and an Epic.

The Baldman appears on these forums from time to time. He'd be the man with the knowledge, though they just finished up Winter Fantasy, so he is probably in recovery mode right now.

If you use the book of faces, follow Baldman Games and ask there.

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Man been a while since I checked the forums (WF and work killed my February hard). 

Gen Con will not have any season 8 adventures. The last of them are rolling out, we will have that last Tier 4 trilogy at Origins, and then we are all done with Season 8. 

Gen Con will have Tier one, two, and three Moonshae Isles trilogies, and a really cool surprise or two that I cannot talk about yet. 

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Hey, Wavester! The work you guys are doing with the Moonshaes is beyond incredible. Love it so much I've started two different groups through the MOON1 and MOON2 mods here at home. Everybody is digging it!

Any chance the MOON3's will be re-run at GC? We weren't able to muster our way into the end of that trilogy (missed the role call after too much fun toasting our near-death victory in MOON3-2 the night before). Rumor has it there's a certain dark, winged beastie in there that my pally needs to put some hurt on! For Clan Rustfire!

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Bad News - They will not be rerun at Gen Con.

Good News - MOON 3 is actually in final layout and will be going up in the DM's Guild in April. Along with MOON 4, MOON 5,and MOON 6

MOON 7 and 8 are rerunning at Origins - Moon 9 and Moon 10 are premiering there.

MOON 9 and 10 are rerunning at Gen Con - Moon 11 and 12 are premiering there. We should also have a super cool Moonshae Special there.

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Well, that's not bad news, really. More Moonshaes is always good news!

Will definitely make time to run those mods here at home to get my crew ready for GenCon, then. That's awesome!

Appreciate the details - super helpful for character arc planning, which I know isn't essential, but our group likes to strive for. Assuming either Moon 11 or Moon 12 (probably the latter?) will be the first T3?

We're super eager to get into an Experience track for the first time. If those are T3s, we want to be ready with suitable characters. You guys do amazing work! ... And I still owe you an email about editing help. Whoops!

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MOON 11 and 12 will be the two adventure tracks in the D&D eXPerience. One will have two tracks at Tier 2 and the other two tracks at Tier 3. I forget which is which but I think MOON 12 is Tier 3 (they'll be labeled in the registration system).

Glad you are having fun and enjoying.

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@wavester, will you have "Introduction to Adventure" events again this year? Hoping to introduce my dad to D&D and thought those might be a good option if they're available.

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We will have those ever year until they stop letting me in the doors.

It will be the same adventure as last years "Intro to the Moonshae's" as we won't have a new intro adventure until Jan of 2020 but would be perfect for your dad.


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Maybe this will be the year I finally try 5th Edition.  Uh.  And 4th.  And might as well play Pathfinder 2.0 to round out the last decade of games I have not had the chance to try.

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I don't see any events Hosted by BMG online yet.  Does anyone know if they will be up later?


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All of our events are loaded but they have not yet made the grid (this is our fault as while we did get them in just not in time to make the first cut - we had some last minute additions of the awesome to the schedule).

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I was looking for this.  I usually dont get to play AL since my normal group is PFS-oriented, but the benefit of not having them around is that I get to do some AL too :D

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