Roleplaying Games from The Polyhedral Knights at Gen Con 2019
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Looking for a new RPG to play? Check out games from The Polyhedral Knights! 

"We are a group of longtime gamers who would like to see the return of affordable and easy to learn Role Playing Games as we create more games, supplements, and other fun stuff for a wide array of genres at prices you can afford. One book will be all you need to run or play a game.

Look for us on FaceBook, follow us on YouTube and listen to our Podcasts. We think you will enjoy them, so please spread the news about The Polyhedral Knights."

With all of our games, no experience is necessary and all materials will be provided!


Spy is our first produced game. It is a modern day spy game of action and espionage. The rules are easy and fast to learn yet filled with versatility and action. Players create agents for a covert organization called "The Factory". This organization recruits from all walks of life- military, civilian and even the criminal underworld.


Pathogen Unclassified

A massive worldwide epidemic occurred 3 years ago in the Pathogen:  Unclassified world. Parasites have infected the majority of earth's population leaving the victims either crazed mad flesh-eating monsters, mental drones to a hive mind plotting for an unknown purpose, or unfortunate survivors.  Our societies have fallen into an unimaginable pit of despair. The corporation Gaia Life Solutions has stepped up to be our savior or are they mankind's doom? We have created game rules and mechanics to fit the world of Pathogen: Unclassified. Also, the player's community have characteristics as well, so you will see how it adds complexity to the storylines.

Wicked Pacts 

Wicked Pacts is a modern day game set in a world of a secret magic war. Players are magic users from various schools of training and might have links to the Hermetic Order.  

This order was put together long ago in hopes to keep a lid on the magic that could go unchecked and ruin this world. Also knowing that in the past the ungifted see the magic using society as a threat and will do all it can to wipe them out.   

We here at The Polyhedral Knights have been developing this game, that has been best described as like being the Dresden Files, without being the Dresden Files. The game is fast and easy to learn.


Dark Times

In Dark Times, players work together with their powers, protect their people, and build their community, all under the shadow of a corporation that has replaced the government and seeks to enslave them since they are viewed as “company property”.

With a little bit of cyberpunk, a little bit of noir, and a whole lot of superpowers, Dark Times mixes old-school and new-school design to create a game that is fast, pulpy, immersive, and fun to play.


I will add game times when the event list gets finalized!

(Disclaimer: I am not an employee of The Polyhedral Knights, but I am running games for them and I am in communication with the writers/designers. If you have any questions, I will answer as best I can. More information about the games can be located on their website: )

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The game list is up!!! 

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There are still a few open slots left!

Thursday Games: 
Wicked Pacts RPG19160472 - 1 slot
Pirates of the Shattered World RPG19160439 - 4 slots

Spy RPG19160978 - 1 slot
Pathogen Unclassified RPG19160440 - 1 slot

Friday Games:
Dark Times RPG19160737 - 1 slot

Pathogen Unclassified RPG19160444 - 2 slots
Wicked Pacts RPG19160483 - 3 Slots

Saturday Games:
Dark Times RPG19160738 - 1 slot

Thank everyone for showing interest in games by The Polyhedral Knights!

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