Pathfinder longer (6+ hour) events
Posted by fatherofone

The group I go with likes to play RPG's and I have noticed that there are events listed in the past, by the Pathfinder society I believe, that run 6 or even 10 hours.  I was wondering if anyone has done these and what they think.  This is obviously a larger time sync, and the ones I saw last year ended around 3am.    If anyone has done one of these longer sessions I would love to hear your feedback.    

Posted by jamster2022

Hi--I think you may be referring to the "interactive" Pathfinder/Starfinder events (those are the ones that go long): the entire Sagamore ballroom is engaged in the same adventure at the same time (a seeming logistic nightmare that somehow works, thanks to the amazing efforts of the Paizo staff). Two years ago my sons and I did the Pathfinder Society interactive event. This was not a great experience. The GM lost steam very early on. We didn't finish the adventure and we were stuck just kind of watching the others around us. Because we weren't playing, we completely lost the thread of the storyline and had no idea what was going on. We had fun just being there--but it was such a letdown not to finish.

Last year we did the same with the Starfinder Society Event. I know you asked about Pathfinder, but the structure is the same. The GM was great--and full of enough energy to get us over the finish line. The event was scheduled to end at 1, and our GM went a little long just to give us a taste of starship combat (a nice bonus). In fact, we didn't want to stop! We were able to easily follow the plot-line this time and came out of there with this event being among our favorite-ever Gen Con events (we've been to four Gen Cons).

So I would say the experience is hit-or-miss, depending greatly on your GM. One event was among the worst we've done, and the other the best. I think the bad experience was the outlier. All the other tables seemed to have a blast.

Posted by bushmaster

Society tables, both Pathfinder and Starfinder, are scheduled for 5 hours.  I do not know of any Society tables scheduled for longer than 5.  As GMs, we are instructed to finish the table in that time frame.

@jamster2022, I am sorry to hear that your special experience a couple of years ago was not as good as hoped.  I was a GM at the Starfinder special and I believe I was able to give my players a great experience and that special was really well written.

The specials at GenCon are an amazing experience and I highly recommend anyone who plays Pathfinder or Starfinder to play them.  

This year, there is a special for Pathfinder 2 that will be similar to the Starfinder special two years ago. 

Posted by castigere

I've done the special for 3 years running.  It is great fun, to be sure.  An entire ballroom (I've no idea how many peeps... 200-300 maybe?  lots, anyway) running the same game and pushing toward the same milestones creates a lot of energy and you definitely feel it.  Most DMs involved are really solid, although some of the specials are run late night into early morning and it can be very hard to keep the brain going.  I know more than once the whole table was dragging together, but even that was fun and everybody had a great sense of humor about it.  We though our DMs were amazing peeps.

So, if you're a fan of PF1 or 2, and you have the time to accommodate it, definitely do it!  :-)  

Posted by twilightknight

Official Pathfinder Society organized play events sponsored by Paizo are all single-slot events. Something that is 6+ hours is probably another group or individual running their own game using Pathfinder rules. They could be running a sanctioned module on their own, but more likely they are running unsanctioned content similar to “home game” play.

Posted by acidix

I really do recommend the specials.  They're always in the 8-12 slot, so, theyre late and long, but its not an experience you can get often.  They're only offered at cons (i think i played one at a bigger store once a long time ago), whereas anyone can purchase/play society scenarios at home if you want.  In addition, there are always mechanics which affect the other players in the game.  

One year we were defending a set of siege weapons which were firing on some huge monsters attacking a city.  One player could fire the siege weapon by making 3 checks (1/round).  Every time a siege weapon fired, runners would take a note over to the high-level tables where our siege weapon had hit the monster they were fighting.  One of my best memories.


Posted by slay2010

Posted by slay2010

Can someone let me know how to find the PFS Special event on the event finder tool? Can't find it at all. 

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The Paizo events are not posted yet.

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Any idea if the Paizo events are going to be posted by the scheduling deadline of May 19th?

Posted by armadilloal

Gen Con is doing everything in their power to get it done.  They want Paizo events to make the deadline even more than you want Paizo events to make the deadline.

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