A thanks to the hard working GenCon events staff
Posted by noone

Today at 3:20 mdt am I received emails that my last three ev nets were active.  This means that Derek and all the events staff was up to at least 2:30 pdt hard at work going through and approving events getting everything ready for Sunday at 12pm edt.  Just want to shout out a thank you since I don’t think you guys get much credit for all the hard work you guys do every year and the work you guys do durning the con.  I imagine that for the last two weeks there has many many many such late nights.  So thank you for all your hard work

Posted by derekguder

We're happy to help :) We're all doing what we can to get as many events taken care of before the initial event release as possible, so we appreciate the kind words.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

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