True Dungeon- what do I need to know?
Posted by timmerb123

Determined to finally do it for the first time this year. 

Never done it, but I am an experienced gamer. 

What do you suggest?  Where do I start? What’s the best group size?

What is the best method for getting tickets?

Posted by cmegus

Way too much to post on this.

Best to just read it for yourself... and try their forums as well specific to True Dungeon:

Forums there are awesome.


Posted by komoridarkclaw

"Best group size" is 10, as that is what they all are :)

My advice? Don't sweat it, get some fun tokens from the vendor hall (they have tubs of $1-3 tokens), and go for it. Tell everyone you're a complete noob and they'll take care of you. TD has one of the most accepting communities out there (mostly because TD lives or dies by the new blood), so they'll help however they can.

That said, they have class cards on the website (Thanks cmegus). Look through their abilities, pick a couple, study them so you know what they do. Also, look up TD Riddle Reveal for previous years to see the style of puzzles out there so you can start to think like you'll need to.

The forums are also a great place to get parties together. Several runs every year are bought out by someone then they offer positions to noobs only to help get them introduced.


Posted by armadilloal

There's a couple True Dungeon seminars on Thursday to introduce new people to the game.  However, these will likely be the same people that are more than happy any questions you might have at the True Dungeon dedicated forums, so why not stop by today and see what the hubbub is?

Posted by aegoce

Don't get too stressed out about it.  As a first time player, Odin's redux will probably be your best option.  You don't need to think about tokens before hand because you can only use the ones you group gets.  It will sell out and there will be people on the wait list so probably almost all runs will be 10 or 11 people.  You can sign up alone or with as many friends as want to participate, but it's easier to get tickets in smaller groups.

E1,e2, and e3 would be fine events for a new player too.  You're allowed to bring in extra tokens to those, but at normal difficulty you won't need them.  Just be flexible on what classes you're willing to play, be vocal with any ideas you have in puzzle rooms, and be decisive in combat rooms (quick reasonable actions are better than slow optimal ones).

They aren't posted yet, but you will want to avoid True Grind as a first timer.  It's a very different experience (no costumed NPCs, animatronic monsters, or physical puzzles).

You can go to the true dungeon forums to try to find a group, but that will probably work best in the days after registration as a fairly small number of people buy all 10 slots to a run so they can organize ahead of time.  Mostly that is people that want to run the harder difficulties, but there are often a few people running welcome runs for new players.

Posted by eldrad12000

If you have never done it. I would suggest you try the intro sealed pack game. It will give you a good idea what things are like. And make you paired with other's who most likely have not played much before. If you like what you see, then you can add extra runs, since people do tend to drop out, more so in the mornings.

Posted by boc_mage

Numerous how to, FAQ and other question threads over the official forums. Be sure to signup so you view more of them as the site tends to be odd if you're not logged in.

Really recommend joining an existing group or at least do the run with an friend or two. I feel bad when i see a newbie who is just overwhelmed and lost and feels on their own. I'm a friendly local training room coach usually (i volunteer and actually teach mechanics of the game on your run). Tokens can help but a group who isn't syncing up/communicating will doom you from the get go. Time is your enemy never really the critter/puzzle. 

There are folks (some good friends of mine) who spend $$$$ a year, keep in mind you'll see the same story content on nonlethal as on nightmare/epic (have lots of tokens or expect to die). 

Feel free to ask questions but there are lots of threads around with very common questions. 

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