Gen Con Event Planner v3 is now live!
Posted by linkgannon

Hey everyone! With the release of events yesterday, I am releasing version 3 of my Gen Con Event Scheduler application.

 For those of you who do not know about my planner software, it is a piece of software that aims to help you easily schedule all of your Gen Con events for you and your group. You can see my post from last year's version on this thread: The layout of the application is very similar to as before, so if you are new to the application, be sure to check out the previous thread for basic instructions.

 This version contains quite several new updates, and though I won’t list them all in this post, here are the most major ones:

 · Exhibit Hall times added as events

 · Export your events to Excel

 · Export your events to iCalendar (supports most modern calendars)

 · Advanced layout options – you can now more fully customize the layout of the screen, placing the data grids and the scheduler wherever you like, putting them in tabs, and even popping them out in their own windows.

 · Themes – over 38 themes to choose from, including many touch screen friendly themes. The previous default theme (Touchline Dark) used to be a touch screen them, which is why the text and buttons were so large, but now the initial default theme (Metropolis Dark) shrinks the controls and text size down to be a standard size, meaning many more events can now fit on the screen.

 If you already have the application installed, the next time you go to open it, it should automatically update. If you don’t already have it installed, you can find it here: As always, if you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see implemented, just let me know. Happy planning!

Posted by holisticdeveloper

Christopher, that's a nice update!

Here are a couple of feature requests for you:

  1. A way to indicate who in the group is attending which events -- perhaps labels/tags? For example, Player A is attending Events 1, 2, and 3; while Player B is attending Events 1, 3, and 4.

    1. An added bonus would be a way to see the calendars for these people either side-by-side or overlapping (similar to opening multiple calendars in Outlook).
    2. Another thought -- it might be cool to have tentative/busy on these per person, so you could see what someone is interested in vs what they "must have", etc.

  2. Persist grid layout settings, like column groupings, size, order, sort order, etc. between runs of the app.
  3. Provide a way to navigate from the calendar to the corresponding row in the "Attending Events" grid.
  4. In the Metropolis Light theme, it's hard to read the black event titles on the blue scheduling blocks on the calendar.

Posted by linkgannon

Thanks for the input; I really do appreciate it! Some quick thoughts on what you said.

1. Your group planning ideas are great! I will probably implement some form of this feature in the future :)

2. Persisting the layout shouldn't be too terribly hard, though I think it might be better to be able to "save a layout state" and load them. Then you could have multiple layout states you can easily switch between.

3. Good idea; I will have to see how programatic scrolling works with the data grid tool.

4. The themes were definately not super closely looked at, so there may be some slight issues like that. I will look into the Metropolis Light theme in particular.

Again, thanks for the suggestions!

Posted by holisticdeveloper

Is the site up? I'm getting a timeout.

Posted by linkgannon holisticdeveloper

 holisticdeveloper wrote:
Is the site up? I'm getting a timeout.

I see that; thanks for the heads up. It was working yesterday, and I haven't done anything to the site since publishing. I will have to contact GoDaddy and see what's up. Will post something when I know more. From what I can tell the application itself was able to load eventually though; it just took it a bit of time to time out when checking for updates.

Posted by linkgannon

I was just told that apparently there is a problem with Plesk at the moment that is affecting many sites (including all of mine). They said it's a top priority and should be resolved in the next couple of hours.

Posted by linkgannon

It appears that the site is back up and working again. The installer should be available once again.

Posted by holisticdeveloper

Thanks for following up!

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