Mechanics of event registration.
Posted by pizzarunner

Newbie question:  If I'm interested in two events going on at the same time, should I put both in my wish list?  If I get into both, can I remove one from my cart before checking out?

Posted by jelake

I don't know if it will let you add to cart the 2nd item if its time overlaps at all.  Assuming you got the first event that is.  Regardless, you can remove items from your cart before checkout.

Posted by aaronr

Unless one of the events is listed as a tournament they cannot overlap in time. Also of note, wishlists are processed from the top down. When you make your wishlist be sure to put the event you want to get into the most higher up to avoid the conflicting one you want less from blocking you.

Posted by eingellis

Someone should make a game about scheduling your games at Gen Con.  VPs for playing good games, penalties for being late, exhausted, or malnourished.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

You can put overlapping events in your wish list. I currently have some time slots with 4 different events.  Once the wishlist gets processed, and you see which events you can actually buy, then you have to edit things so you have no overlapping times (except for tournaments).

Posted by david campbell

I thought that the way it worked was that you can have overlapping events; but as soon as one processes and goes into your cart anything else conflicting won't be added? Hence the priority order?

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Sorry, I was unclear. Yes, you get overlapping events in the priority order you specified.

Posted by dranthor

once you get the first event any events that overlap on your wish list are ignored.

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