BGG Hot Games Room
Posted by pdesai9291

The BGG hot games room has been $2 per 2 hour slot in the past years but this year it shows $6 each. That seems like a big price increase. Anyone know if this is a mistake? We tend to stay in that room quite a bit, it's always a blast. Thanks in advance!

Posted by andrewj.rager

Noticed the same thing. Mentioned it in my post on the LOTR LCG price increase as well. We stay in the Hyatt and were planning on spending most of our evenings at the BGG HGR but with the 3x increase in price that just got very expensive.

Posted by toddygee

I just saw the same thing.  The economics don't make sense anymore.  Better off buying the game your interested in playing.

Hopefully it's a typo.  But probably not...

Posted by pdesai9291

Right. We have four people in my group and to attend a few time slots of this would cost us $100+ total. Maybe we're better off just buying 2-3 games instead?

Posted by bugwar toddygee

toddygee wrote:
The economics don't make sense anymore. 

Sure they do.
You keep increasing the price till you see a drop in attendance.
Until you reach that point you are just giving away your profits.

Posted by andrewj.rager

This is the answer I got on twitter when inquiring about the price increase.

"We've increased the size and scope of Hot Games Room each year, which has required more people (and more costs), without increasing the price. It was finally time to balance income with expenses. - WEM.

Posted by pdesai9291

Thank you for confirming!

Posted by larcklorn

At least they said something - I enjoyed it last year and will probably at least do one evening in there with friends.

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