Hey everybody. Just throwing a plug out there for my Thursday morning seminar, GM101: GMing for Beginners. I run it at least once each year at Gencon. This time only one time though because my daughter's coming too and she honestly has no interest in hearing me talk for more than 5 minutes, never mind an hour :)

I "sell out" every year, but because seminars are free, most often there's a lot of seats that don't show, and plenty of room for walk ins. So if you wanted to come, but can't get a ticket, come on to the seminar anyways. I can't imagine you won't be able to get in.

Its a great opportunity for someone new to GMing, or is thinking of GMing to have your questions answered, concerns validated (or relieved) and to just have a good time geeking out about running RPGs with some other nerds who are in the same boat. 

I look forward to meeting you there.