Usefulness of Trade Day events?
Posted by buffythecatslayer

Looking at the catalog, there are currently only 55 Trade Day events.  Do they usually add a significant number later?  Do these events, which mostly seem like seminars, really justify the $90 cost?  Thinking of attending TD next year as a retailer, but not really sure it's worth it.

Posted by qwaserity

Buffy, I went last year. I attended six sessions; two rocked, two were average and two sucked sucked sucked… Wednesday night the game companies host a free game demo night for the attendees. (AEG also gave away copies of War Chest to everyone who attended the "What's New with AEG" event but that is not why you should attend.)

If you are looking to expand your retail by adding demos, game nights, tournaments, a games library or local events then I'd say attend. If you are casually interested you may feel the extra time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

After Trade Day I was motivated by it and I started "Second Saturday Game Day" at my local library. Our local library also has board games for check out, just like library books. Trade Day didn't necessarily teach me anything I didn't already knew but it did motivate me to start our local program even though my city (Lexington Kentucky) already has two public game nights a week already.

I'm not attending Trade Day this year because I have already paid for the Playtest Hall First Look so I have badges. IF I wasn't bringing a friend I might consider it...

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