EVENT HYPE - Survivor Gen Con: Hidden Agenda ZED19148486
Posted by patriotx

Hi, I just wanted to send out an invite to those interested to join us for our fourth year of a great event that keeps getting bigger and better. Whether you're a fan of the show or not it's a lot of fun with challenges, social manipulation, group bonding, meeting new friends and a chance to earn prizes. As of 5/12/19 the game has not been added to the onsite listing but it will be soon. Apparently Gen Con still has a large number of games that they're trying to get caught up on and added to the event list. This is a Player vs Player game group event. We hope you can join for another year of fun and excitement. Please respond with any interest or questions.

Survivor Gen Con 2019: Hidden Agenda
Play the Gen Con version of the hit TV show Survivor. Outwit, Outlast and Outplay. Play challenges, social strategies and vote others off the island to win prizes and the title of sole survivor. This year the theme is Hidden Agenda. Form alliances and build friendships, but be careful who you trust as situations and incentives may turn your closest ally into your biggest adversary. We provide a pizza lunch for the players who make it to the merge. Prizes are awarded to the winners. All players are invited back in the last half hour to be part of the jury that will vote for the Sole Survivor. This year we will be recording all aspects of play and player interview sessions. Once edited all players will be provided a copy.


Posted by smarty_213

Do you have a date/time for this?

Posted by buffythecatslayer

That event doesn't appear to exist, either under that number or name.

Posted by patriotx

Sorry, the event starts Friday August 2 at 10am and if you go the full distance it runs until 6pm. The game is designed to keep players voted out early involved in the game for a few hours rather than sign up and be taken out in the first two hours. It isn't currently in the event listing because Gen Con is still behind in getting these specialized events assigned appropriate space. It will be listed soon. Let me know if you have any questions. We provide a pizza lunch to those that make the merge, the winners get cash gift cards. The sole Survivor gets $75.00 and others can get cash gift card prizes as well. It is a close feel to the game experience while taking place within 8 hours and being at a gaming con. There are tribal councils, secret advantages, hidden immunity idols, challenges and a jury.

Posted by smarty_213

Thanks for the update... how much are tickets?

Posted by patriotx

Tickets are $14.00

Posted by patriotx

After the merge anyone voted out is invited to be part of the jury and helps determine the sole Survivor.

Posted by benwood

This was, by far, my favorite event last year! 

Super stoked for it and definitely recommend checking it out if you're a fan of the show!

Posted by balegan

I had such a good time last year! Got voted out in the best way possible... super blindsided! I highly recommend playing it was great! 

Posted by thegenius5

Great game and great host as well

Posted by patriotx

Thanks for the kind words. The event is up and will be available for registration on Sunday. I hope to see everyone there and we plan on a big year.

The Survivor Gen Con game is up now and will be live for event registration on Sunday. Suvivor Gen Con: Hidden Agena ZED19148486. 

Posted by patriotx

This is an 8 hour event with a pizza lunch provided to those who make the merge. Every player who gets voted off is invited back to be on the jury.

Posted by mamcgree

Can you provide some detail about what we can expect as far as 'challenges' go? Or a summary of what sort of things have been done in previous years?

Posted by patriotx

We try to mix it up with physical, puzzles and a little endurance. Keep in mind we are at a convention and not out on a beach so we work within limits. We've had code relay deciphering, team challenge of human Statego, nerf gun shoot out of other players' named targets, balancing balls on boards, crawl through obstacles and bean bag toss relays. Puzzles and much much more. I don't want to reveal too much. You begin on a team and then after the merge the challenges are individual challenges. You seek advantages, build alliances, betray someone when the time is right and you covet the team or individual immunity. There is also this season's/year's theme which little is known about until you play. The theme this season is Hidden Agenda.

Posted by patriotx

If anyone has any questions about the event let me know. I'll answer what I can. We still have a few spots open.

Posted by patriotx

We have a good size group this year signed up already. This is shaping up to be a big event. We currently have 15 players. We still have some spots open so join us for a chance to be the Sole Survivor. You just need to outplay, outlast and outsmart you fellow tribe members.

Posted by patriotx

Join us this year for Gen Con Survivor Season 4: Hidden Agenda. We just finished another one of our planning meetings with all 5 hosts for this year. We have all new challenges, new twists and surprises. We also have the largest group of players that we've ever had at 22 currently (2 slots remain so join now). Join us to be the Sole Survivor. We will be awarding prizes for the finalists as well as a fan favorite prize this year. We will be filming the event for the first time this year. First Prize will be $75.00. There will also be pizza provided for the merge feast.

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