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Posted by jffalaschi

Last year I was concerned about jumping right into a D&D Experience track as a first exposure to D&D in such a large convention, so I decided to keep to the individual sessions. I eventually had 4 sessions with the Baldman's team: the introductory adventure and the first 3 adventures of the MOON series. I had a blast!!!! Even though I experienced each of the adventures with different groups, it still felt natural and I had great fun with my character, eventually bringing him to 5th level.

The one event that I look forward to the most this year is joining the D&D Experience track. Still, I'm afraid it might not be the best for me. I come with friends that do not play D&D to Gen Con, so I will be there alone. Also, if I remember correctly from last year, this forum was filled with posts from groups that came together to play those tracks. That means I would eventually "invade" one of those groups.

How do you see this? Is it okay to join the Experience track without really belonging to any group? 

Additionally, I considered taking my character to the Moon ES-1 A Drop in the Ocean, after having experienced the Mid track. Would it make sense to do that, from a storyline perspective?


Posted by jelake

Yeah, it's perfectly fine to participate in an Experience track without a group.  I played it at Gencon last year with 5 other single players and we had a blast.  If you don't have a group, they will encourage you to form a group at the muster area, or if you can't form one, you'll eventually get grouped with others by the judge doing the mustering.

As for storyline continuity, I don't believe it will be connected, the experience track are their own story.

Posted by mootmacleod

Echoing what jelake said I ended up forming groups while waiting in line at least twice last year and had a fantastic time doing so.  

Real life issues have kept me from working out a plan for this year so I'm rushing to complete my wish list before tomorrow the 19th. Baldman Games is going to be at the top of my preferred games as I had such a blast last year. 

Posted by castigere

I only did the one session with BMG last year, but I found the Marshaling process to be fairly smooth and it didn't take too long to find our party -- a married couple and their teenage son.  They were great fun to game with, and we had an excellent time.  

I do think they like people to group up in advance so that the marshaling goes that much faster (not unlike PFS events, or NASCRAG, or...) but it should not stop you from going solo.

Posted by ahsoka323

I "invaded" a 5 person group as the sixth person last year for the Mid-Track Experience and had the GREATEST time. My group was more than willing to accommodate and include me. I would recommend looking up the "official" forum post about groups and joining in there. It made marshaling super smooth and we got started playing after only a few minutes. 

Posted by jffalaschi

Wow, that settles then! I believe I will find my way into a group and enjoy Mid Track with them. Thank you for the encouraging responses, they helped a lot! See you there soon!

Posted by kosmosis

Quick question on this because I may have screwed up.  I signed for the Intro and then an adventure for “Tier 2” players.  I have never done DDAL before, so I am curious if I signed up for thew wrong events?

Posted by hendelbolaf kosmosis

kosmosis wrote:
Quick question on this because I may have screwed up.  I signed for the Intro and then an adventure for “Tier 2” players.  I have never done DDAL before, so I am curious if I signed up for thew wrong events?

Tier 2 is going to be higher level, 5 - 10, I believe.

There are four intro scenarios that are 2 hours each and you can play all four of them.

Posted by wavester

Tier 2 is levels 5 to 10. It is one of the most common questions I get in my inbox this time of year. If you play the Intro adventure with a brand new 1st level PC you should level every 2 times you play it (so play up to 4 times get to level 3). That is still not enough to then play a Tier 2 adventure. From there you would roll into the MOON 10 trilogy (Tier One) which would then get you to 5th and open up the next branch of adventure at the show (MOON 9 - MOON ES-1, etc) for play.

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