Call for Volunteers - Megagames
Posted by ja1214

The Megagame Coalition is putting on 11 different events at Gen Con 2019 and is looking for volunteers -- no experience necessary.  Volunteers can earn a free Gen Con badge and housing stipends. If you'd like to help, then check out our game descriptions and volunteer benefits here:

For those who aren't familiar with the genre, megagames combine the physical mechanics of board games with the fluid emergent gameplay of role‐playing games at large player counts (40‐80+ players).The most popular megagame is Watch the Skies - where teams are running countries of the world with their own motives when aliens first arrive (also a player team). But there are 11 different megagames being run this year with all different settings. The emergent narratives of players/teams that all interact to form a macro narrative is my favorite part, especially since decisions are generally based on imperfect information!

Come help us game control large-scale narrative chaos!

Posted by bugwar

Tempting, especially with the free badge and all, but I'll stick to playing the game as a paying participant.

Perhaps some other time.

Posted by ja1214

Fair enough - we enjoy our players!

From my personal experience, I was first a player in 2017, then both a player and control volunteer in 2018. I have to say that volunteering was just as fun and more rewarding. Seeing all the players enjoy the game and knowing I enabled it was a natural high.

I'll still both play and control this year as they are different experiences, but I would definitely encourage those who enjoy megagames to try out controlling.

Posted by ja1214

Thanks to all who have responded!

The Megagame Coalition is getting close to filling our volunteer quota, so if you've been on the fence about enabling awesome gaming with us, sign up soon!

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