EVENT HYPE - Fantasy Terrariums
Posted by czager

Fairies are cool, but why stop there?

We have dragons, unicorns, Pokémon, slime monsters, and more! You can even make your own fantastic beast with clay and googly eyes! Set your terrarium scene anywhere from an active volcano to a pleasant meadow.  

This is a great capstone to the GenCon experience; low key, low cost, and cool commemorative keepsakes! Adults are absolutely welcome!  

Interstellar stuff more your style? We have that! Check out our space terrarium events! 

This is our first year running events at GenCon! Check out our other events under PunyPatienceCrafts if this one isn't for you. We're posting all materials on Instagram, too! 

Have a roaring good time at the 'Con, everyone! 

Posted by czager

Link to all events by PunyPatienceCrafts 

Posted by thejoltess

Totally hope I can snag a ticket to this closer to the event, since it's sold out before I could get one! They are super cute!

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