Pathfinder 2nd edition events up
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stop asking!

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See I told every one soon  :) 

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Complete Pathfinder newbie questions. 

It looks like you need to bring your own characters to PFS(2) #1-01?

How do I go about creating a character for this if the game doesn't officially exist yet?

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So, based on the way they run their games and some educated guessing...

They will likely have a bunch of pregens you can use, both for Pathfinder Society (2nd ed) games and any one-offs they run.   In addition, you can use Hero Lab (character generator app), which will almost certainly have 2nd ed stuff ready to use at the con.  Finally, the PF 2nd ed has playtest rules freely available on, and they have lots of tutorials on how to roll up a new character.

Given that 2nd ed is still really new (playtest wont be officially over until the con) there will be plenty of folks that aren't that familiar with the rules, so you won't need to be too worried about being new; most people will be to some extent.

Happy Pathfinding!

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Does the room open early enough to get a character made before a morning game?

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erm... hmm.  Well, IIRC, it opens at 8am.  Most of the games start the day then, but of course, there are all night sessions too...  ;-)   They use Hero Lab which is downloadable from Lone Wolf Games.  Really nice app!  Works with a number of systems.  I *think* they will provide 2nd edition PF material before the con, but that is more speculation at this point.  

I will say that in times past, when I've had an 8am game and needed to get something done on my character, there were times where I was able to do so, and times where I had to scrap it because the game was starting.  So, iffy -- If you can, I would try to somehow get it done before hand.

Happy gaming!


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I never player pathfinder. I would like to play 2.0, but dont want to waste peoples time in the 5 hour event. Is there an intro for this.

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Those 5 hour events pretty much are the intros, since no one at the table on Thursday will have played before. Some might have done the playtests. Don't worry about wasting people's time pathfinder society is pretty good about helping newbies out.

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negator wrote:
I never player pathfinder. I would like to play 2.0, but dont want to waste peoples time in the 5 hour event. Is there an intro for this.
we will have demos of the 2E game in the exhibit hall next to the Paizo booth. Should only take 30-60 minutes to complete if that is more what you’re interested in.
Otherwise, as indicated above all of our schedule events are full-length scenario/adventures. Don’t worry too much about not knowing the rules since most people won’t as Pathfinder 2E isn’t being released until 10am on Thursday when the exhibit hall opens. We will have pregenerated characters available for all the 2E events.

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