(Another) Wishlist processing question
Posted by radril

Sorry to all for this scenario-based question, but I couldn't think of a better way to ask it!  Here goes:

Let's say we have two people, each with their own separate wishlists.  Person A gets ranked #100, and Person B gets ranked #101.

Person A is lucky enough to get everything they want on their wishlist, but decides to remove 3 TD events before checking out their cart.  Person A is extremely happy.

Person B's wishlist has those exact 3 TD events that Person A had, but because Person A's wishlist was ranked higher, Person A got those 3 TD events in their cart.

When Person A removes those 3 TD events before checking out, do those 3 TD events go back into the general event pool for everyone else to grab or would they go into Person B's cart because their wishlist was ranked immediately after Person A?

Thanks to everyone for even looking at this complicated question!

Posted by buffythecatslayer

As far as I know, once the tickets have been put in the carts, the carts don't update to reflect changes in inventory.  So, B would not get those tickets, but someone further down the line would.

Posted by stahlnee

The would be available to who wish list was processed after the return was processed. In practice this is dozens if not hundreds of wish lists later.

#101 wish list would be processed before you have a chance to return the tickets.

Posted by radril

Cool... thanks guys!

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