Are the Moonshae Adventurers League adventures most enjoyable if followed sequentially?
Posted by dmarco

We are trying to figure out our schedule and are wondering if it makes a difference (as long as the level requirements are the same) which adventure you complete in order? are these adventures just set in the same place or are they more serialized in nature.  New to the adventurers guild concept and just trying figure out the optimal schedule.  thanks!

Posted by castigere

I do think it is best to go in order.  I don't think it is *mandatory* (it might be, you'd have to check with them) but the story line definitely follows a more coherent path if you do.  I think I'm going to shoot for doing MOON 10-1, -2, and -3 in order.  Kind of tempted by the D&D Experience too, but I don't have a Tier 2 character...  :-(

Posted by mootmacleod

All but three of the Moon 10-2 slots are currently sold out so unless Baldman adds more sessions for that adventure I'll have no choice but to proceed out of order.  I don't like it, but thems the breaks.  I was lucky last year to generic into some slots, but don't know if that's an easy option this year?

Edit: Following the advice of another poster I checked back on the event list and someone must have dropped a 10-2 event.  So now everything lines up sequentially.  :)  

Posted by castigere

Yay!!  Good on you, sir!  Yes we discovered the D&D Experience Mid-Track sold out, and were bummed, then we looked again and there were 6 tickets, so most definitely keep checking back, especially in these first couple hours, as folks will release tickets...


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