Moon 10-1 & 10-3
Posted by connormalk99

Hello All!

Just asking for a little help / advice. My father and I tried to get the entire MOON (10-1 through 10-3) series but only managed to nab MOON 10-3 (Thur @ 9pm) and MOON 10-2 (Sat @ 5pm). Ideally, we'd love to play MOON 10-1 on Thur @ 9pm and 10-3 on Sat @ 9pm. Is it possible to get in on those tables/games with generics? Is it possible yet that some of these will be re-released? 

We'd rather not play these out of order, but like many others, we just couldn't make it work.

Thanks ahead!

Posted by cman811

Generics can pay for any event so I would say if you show up and there are drops then you can definitely slide right in there.  I'd aim for the really early or really late games if possible.  

Posted by wavester

We sit tons.of generics every yea . Show up and we'll take care of you. 

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