Trading tickets for true dungeon
Posted by alphalegionaire

Hello I’m going to gencon w group  of 10. We were only able to get 7/10 tickets for abyssal swamp Friday at 5:12pm.

Someone bought the other 3. However I did get 3 for Friday but at 4:12 pm.

any chance this reaches the right people and you are willing to trade?


Posted by komoridarkclaw

Good luck
Try the actual True Dungeon Forums as well:
It also might help to put the actual event code out there (TD######)


Posted by jedibcg

I would also recommend trying the Fans of Gen Con Facebook group as more visibility can only help you find the other 3 tickets.  Good Luck.

Posted by alphalegionaire

Thank you for these helpful suggestions. I have very low expectations for success. However, I’ll try whatever I can.

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