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Posted by wizejester

This is my first time going to GenCon. I've got my event tickets and would like to know more about the Legends of the Shining Jewel. The only problem is that they don't seem to have strong web presence.

​​How are Legends of the Shining Jewel different from standard pathfinder games?

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I would just google them.  They've got a facebook page and a wiki page, and I saw a few other links that I did not follow.  Beyond that -- I confess I've never heard of them before this...   Good luck!  ;-)


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Thanks for the reply.

Ya. I did a bunch of googling but their online content is sparse. Most of their pages, posts, etc are two or three years old. Their last FB post is from August 2018.


Posted by buffythecatslayer

Just an FYI, someone posted in another thread that LSJ events require having played some before, but the event descriptions don’t say that.

Posted by wizejester

That is useful news. One of the events I signed up for says "expert play". Since they aren't getting back to my emails I'll switch to one of their other games.


Posted by cincinatas

There is no mechanical difference between the Legends of the Shining Jewel campaign setting rules and normal Pathfinder rules, just some flavor differences for racial traits, some different races, and some variants for classes. It mostly is just a setting for a living campaign run by a small group of friends that have been building this world for a very long time.  Because they are such a small group, that does mean that it is highly likely that the module writer and the GM running it for you are the same person so there is plenty of opportunity to get creative in how you solve problems, which is a big plus compared to modules from say Pathfinder Society where things tend to be a bit more railroad-ey at no real fault to the DM.

I have only ever played in the campaign at Gen Con and so have seen that communication is not one of their strong suits outside of their more immediate group, but at least in years past they were good about including the level restrictions (if any) in their descriptions. I suspect that someone else has taken over for generating their submissions as they did have someone in their group pass at the end of 2018, and including the level restrictions in the submission description slipped the new person's mind. Hopefully you have not become fully dissuaded from participating as they really are a bunch of overall nice and highly entertaining people with some very quirky and fun modules. 

Posted by wizejester

Thank you! This was a gr-r-r-r-reat response.

This was exactly what I wanted to know. I signed up me and my buddies for two events from the Legend of the Shining Jewel group and wanted to know what I was getting myself into. Definitely puts me at ease. 

Posted by rmcd7283

Legend of the Shining Jewel is a Pathfinder based campaign with it's own deities, some custom races, and it is high fantasy.  We allow a 25 point build, and are more magic centric.  The campaign staff has been a little out of touch this last week as we were mourning one of our leadership.  If you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them, as I am a regular with the campaign. 

Posted by nascragman

I'm glad to see LSJ will live on after Eric's untimely death.

Posted by ghrendel

I've been trying to approved on their website for over a week now, but haven't gotten any replies or approval.  I've tried to contact their webmaster's via email, but the address is dead.  Does anyone here have any contact information for the campaign staff?  Specifically to get approved on the site.  Thanks heaps!

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