I've already checked the TD forums. No one from my time group has posted. So I figured I'll look here for Newbies or players that Don't post on the TD forums. 

Thurs:  E2-10:13am  E2- 4:37pm  E3- 10:14pm
Fri:       E1- 3pm   
Sat:    TG- 10am

  I would like to play Paladin. I have 9 classes I'll be bringing with me. And the other classes are free to borrow if you have no Tokens.  My Monk, Fighter, and Cleric are 5th lvl classes and my Wizard Bard Barbarian and Rogue are 4th lvl but I have added a few tokens to boost Health. My Wizard gets a bump from 16hp to 30hp (maybe 33hp) This should help keep the group alive if we play hardcore.