I plan to bring "Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops" with me to Gencon.
Posted by powers209

I plan to bring "Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops" with me to Gencon. This Kickstarter game has 3 maps but I'm only planning to bring the first map. Loading the game into a carry-case over bring the awesome Legendary box because I want to keep the game as small as I can for travel. 
   I was thinking about setting the game up in the hope that a few people might want to start up a game and give it a try. 
  I still haven't played the game myself. Since I got the game, I either can't meet up with friends or just can't find the time. I figure what's a better place to get in a few games other than Gencon. 

If you happen to see someone sitting off alone with a shiny boardgame. See if they are looking for a group. Good chance it's me between True Dungeon runs. 

Posted by tyoung


I'd definitely be up for a sprawl ops pickup game. I've never played before but would be up for giving it a try. Let me know when you're thinking about playing.


Posted by powers209

Will do. 

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